Installation Tips For Cellular Shades

The cellular shades give a gorgeous outlook for any room. Cellular shades need to be installed carefully in the room and they should be done in the best way by reading all the directions. If you are installing cellular shades, blackout shades or Roman shades, you need to know about all the installation recommendations before doing the actual installation. Even if you think that instructions are not required for installation, it is always beneficial to check out the entities included in the product. Continue reading Installation Tips For Cellular Shades

Tile the Kitchen Backsplash For Jazzing up The Kitchen

Homeowners always try to make the best out of their homes and beautify it in the best way. The newest trend is to install a trendy backsplash, it adds the appeal of your kitchen by making it stylish and clean. The overall value of your home becomes higher with backsplash and if it is installed well, it surpasses all the added options in your house kitchen. Continue reading Tile the Kitchen Backsplash For Jazzing up The Kitchen

How to Decor Porch Railing, HOME DESIGN

Terrace or veranda is part of our home that usually located at the front, beside or at the back side. Each side usually has different functions. Front terrace is for welcoming guests and if it is located beside the house or at the backyard, it usually functioned for family gathering.
If you design your own terrace, you should consider some elements that generally must be there like columns for roof support and porch railing. Continue reading How to Decor Porch Railing, HOME DESIGN

20 Best Ideas of L Shaped Kitchen Design

In every house, kitchen is one of the most essential parts that cannot be separated from our routine activities. This is also the reason why many people give special attention to it.

Today, there are many kitchen types and each type has its own style. The people design their kitchen style can be based on the area or just following the modern concept. In general, we can categorize the kitchen style into 6 styles, Single Line, Double Line or Galley, L-Shaped, U-Shaped, G-Shaped Kitchen and Island. Continue reading 20 Best Ideas of L Shaped Kitchen Design

22 Unique Design Ideas of Curtains for French Doors

There are many benefits of curtains for French doors in our home. The style is popularized to be used as a decorative curtain in our house. Curtains for French doors are available in many designs and patterns depend on the brand you want to buy.
One of the benefits of the curtain for French doors is that the sunlight can still penetrate through the curtain to our room and at the same time we can still enjoy the view outside the room. Continue reading 22 Unique Design Ideas of Curtains for French Doors

Pergola Design Best Ideas

If you like creating new things around your house using wood, then you should consider making a pergola, especially if you have a garden in your house. Pergola is usually installed in big gardens where sometimes it is used as a shaded sitting space and other times it is just used as a walkway. Either ways it can increase the beauty appeal of your garden and also a nice place for you to sit and relax. When you are building your own pergola there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Continue reading Pergola Design Best Ideas

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