Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas

Mirror on our bathroom is not functioned only for interior but it has some other functions as well. Generally mirror is our tool to “cross check” whether our appearance is neat or not.
As an interior, it is also to add an accent for our bathroom and also as perspective purpose. However, not all size of mirror we can hang on the wall. It can give “wide” effect to our bathroom too. Continue reading Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas

Accent Chairs Design Ideas

Accent chairs can liven up our living room, giving a style in our bedroom or even making an art for our garden. Accent chairs should not only like a sofa, contrary, it has bright colors and of course, it should be an eye-catching chair.

Accent Chairs
Accent Chairs

There are many accent chair models sold in stores, from many famous designers and even locals, however, when selecting the accent chairs for your home, there are some advices that can guide you:

How to choose the accent chair

There are 2 keys in selecting the furniture that everyone must know, the first is style and the second is the material. The difference in its style and texture can make it a beautiful focal point, especially for your living room. One thing you must make sure about the accent chair that choose the chair, which match with the color and theme of your living room or bedroom.

Accent Chairs
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Accent Chairs

Design your own

Do you have an old chair? Be creative by changing it to the new one. You need to use only a two layers stain painting or giving a fabric coated on the chair. Refine the chair’s frame and covered the stain by paint. You may also make a new cover only for your accent chair, just buy a different, unique fabric in the market and create a completely new look.

Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs


The accent chair will be more attractive if it is positioned on the opposite of the sofa in the living room. Moreover, it will create an elegant style if you put it in your bedroom as decoration.

Price of Accent Chair

If you want to buy some branded accent chair than its very expensive, for example, if you want buy it from Ashley or J&M furniture than the price will be between $300 to $1000 around. It’s better to choose some local brand in your local market, the variety you will get beyond your expectation, but yeah the quality maybe not such high like branded. But still a normal accent chair price below $100 can also stay longer than five years, if you use it with proper care.

Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

Staircase Designs, Important Things in Home

Staircase at home – as general truth – is a medium to link from the first to second floor or more. It is so simple, right? The definition is simply like that, but not for the staircase design. Does it’s act only like a ladder? The answer is yes and no. Yes, as it has the same function and no as staircase has many aspects apart from its function. Continue reading Staircase Designs, Important Things in Home

Wall Decals Decorations

Previously, people don’t care about their wall and nothing much to be exposed on the wall except some decorations like mirror or hanging some art paintings. Today, wall is one of the main targets for decoration. Most of people still using paint but some others are using wallpaper. Wallpaper becomes trends for years.
After wallpaper, today we also have wall sticker or wall decals. It is almost the same like wallpaper and it has the same function as well. However, unlike wallpapers, it is made by pearl film or PVC and very thin. Continue reading Wall Decals Decorations

Stylish Front Door Designs

Doors in our house are divided into some categories like outer, interior and functional door. Outer door is a front or back door that usually using a thick and solid material, unlike the interior door. Functional door is related to kitchen or bathroom.
The front door is the basic element of a house and the most essential part of it. Everyone knows that front door is the main gate to keep the privacy as well as the safety for the house owner. Continue reading Stylish Front Door Designs

Decor Your House with Chandelier Lighting

Lighting always necessary for the house as well as it will decorate your house also. One of the lighting which will help to decorate the house is the chandelier. It is embellished; decorative lighting which holds candles or you can say a lot of bulbs which is suspended on the upper interior surface. In this article we will talk about the different types of chandeliers which will suit you according to your rooms. These are best on the hall, dining or drawing room. They look very attractive. Some of the types of chandlers are as follows. Continue reading Decor Your House with Chandelier Lighting

Deciding On the Decoration Ideas For Birthday

Everyone loves to celebrate his/her birthday with a lot of fun around. In the recent past, birthdays were mostly celebrated in homes with close relatives around. A birthday cake and presents were enough at the birthday party, but now time has changed. People want to celebrate birthdays in different unique ways. Mostly kids’ birthdays are celebrated on a mass level nowadays. Parents now focus on arranging a big bash birthday party with unique themes and searching for decoration ideas for birthday to make the birthday of the kid memorable and giant. This trend has taken place and now everyone is almost following this trend. Continue reading Deciding On the Decoration Ideas For Birthday

Some of The Many Uses Of Sofa Tables

The need for Sofa table
Sofa tables are considered to give a finishing touch in any living room, and are also needed to accent in some spaces available. Shopping for the right furniture pieces can turn out to be extremely tiring and frustrating because there are so many things to look for, like the size and the space, color, etc. So, make sure that if you go out shopping, be careful to completely understand all the relevant terminology and measurement of the living room plus the existing furniture. Continue reading Some of The Many Uses Of Sofa Tables

Wall Sconces – Home Interior Designing Ideas

We all want our houses to be the best looking in terms of interior or exterior decorations. However, to achieve this, all you need to do is make the best use of well-designed furniture and accessories that will make your house unique from others. Numerous things can make your house a standout, it depends how stylish you are or you want to be. One of the many great things that you can use to decorate your house and make it look the best is using wall sconces. Continue reading Wall Sconces – Home Interior Designing Ideas

Exquisite Pool Designs and Information

We all dream that there is a pool in our homes or in our backyards. When you see a swimming pool, you just want it for yourself, but there is a perception that these are expensive and that’s why people just drop the idea of having a pool. Well, this might not be the case; you can also afford it and enjoy. Of course, pool designs can cost you a fortune, but that happens only when you are going to the top-notch luxurious swimming pools. You can always go for the simplest pool designs and make it your very own luxurious. Continue reading Exquisite Pool Designs and Information

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